Isabella Ferrari, new Prodigious Women

Famous from an early age

It was at 17 years old that Isabella Ferrari appeared in her first film, the very successful "Sapore di mare" (Time for Loving). "I quickly had to learn how to ride [being a celebrity]. I had to find my own personal methods to deal with it, so that I could prevent fame from taking too much of a toll on my real life" the actress reveals, although she has since become used to it. Ferrari's early success has led on to performances in around fifty other films over the last thirty years.

Over this time the Prodigious Woman has embodied "a mother, a woman in love, a loved woman, an abandoned woman, an abused woman, a rich woman, a villain and even a very sick woman, not forgetting a female police commissioner!" The different facets of these characters have taught her to perfect her skills while also freeing herself from roles as the "bella ragazza" (beautiful girl).

Wife and mother

A mother of three children, Ferrari had her first daughter at thirty years old. On motherhood, she explains that "even an actor's egocentrism has to disappear because you have to bring up your children, and you instinctively feel you have to give all your best energy to them. Perhaps my children have even helped me do my job better: how many monologues I have learnt as I put them to bed! Instead of fairytales, I used to recite my monologues for the following day."

"Humble and noisy, like gravel" is how she has been defined by one of her colleagues, an expression which Ferrari adores: "It's exactly my personality. I am lucky enough to know how to keep my feet on the ground, when I meet with success, or with failure, as can sometimes happen - and I'm so happy that people see this."

Personal beauty

"It's a simple question of knowing how to see beauty" the actress declares. "For a woman, beauty is her personality, her identity. It's part of her place in the world, shaping her tastes yet not necessarily conforming to a style. [...] A woman is beautiful if she wants to be beautiful." In her own case, Isabella Ferrari expresses her beauty by incarnating a contemporary, seductive and mysterious woman who is - most importantly - a woman who "lives in the here and now".

Her motto is: "I live the present and I look to the future... with curiosity." The perfect example of the modern woman, Isabella Ferrari continues to inspire men and women throughout the world.

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