Hydration: How to choose your day cream

A pioneer of the beauty industry, Helena Rubinstein was the first person to identify the 3 skin types we still refer to today: oily, dry and normal. This allowed women adapt their skincare to their skin's specific needs. Find out what cream most suits your skin type for optimal daily hydration.

Dull skin, lacking in radiance

Busy, stressful lives have consequences on the skin, whose regeneration properties quickly deplete, leaving the face looking older and fatigued. To fight against dullness caused by stress, tiredness and lack of sleep, the Powercell Day Cream is your best ally! It provides anti-oxidant protection thanks to its powerful vegetal ingredients, which are long-lasting sources of energy. Skin is more resistant and brighter, remaining fully hydrated throughout the day. Your skin is more luminous and toned - ready to ready to face hectic, urban life rhythms.

Mature skin

After 40, the contours of your skin start to lack definition. The Life Pearl Cellular Sumptuous Cream restores a youthful, pearly luster to your skin. When applied daily, The Sumptuous Cream gives you a smooth, fresh and radiant complexion. Its skincare technology, inspired by the royal black pearl, provides your face with a remarkable, healthy glow.

Dry skin

Tightness and discomfort are two of the main daily concerns for those with dry skin, who in turn need both hydration and nutrition. The Re-Plasty Age Recovery Day Cream protects the face all day long, and its refreshing texture soothes dry skin. Nourished and hydrated, the epidermis appears more luminous and the skin is rejuvenated. The feeling of discomfort is replaced by one of vitality, with perfectly-hydrated skin protected from harsh external elements.

Normal skin

Normal skin types also need a day cream to remain hydrated. The Hydra Collagenist Day Cream for Normal Skin improves ingredients' penetration for younger-looking skin. Wrinkles caused by dehydration are erased, and the epidermis looks denser and smoother. Collagen microspheres, the principal ingredient, enable the retention of water within the epidermis. Its gel-like texture melts effortlessly into the skin, producing a fresh and lightweight sensation. Your face is radiant and continually hydrated!

Whatever your skin type, there is a specific cream to suit you. It is important to define your skin's requirements before choosing a daily skincare routine.

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