How to apply your day cream

Your everyday ally, day cream should be chosen according to your skin type. It nourishes, protects and slows the signs of premature aging. For a perfect beauty routine, learn how to apply your day cream for optimum results!

In the morning, on a perfectly cleansed face, and with clean hands, take the required amount of cream on your finger - a pea-sized amount is usually enough. For optimum penetration, warm the cream between your fingertips. This improves fluidity and makes application easier.

Start with your cheeks, which are often the driest parts of the face, and hydrate them first by massaging in circles. Once the cream has been totally absorbed into your epidermis, move up towards the outer sides of the face. Keep this movement gentle, without pushing the skin down too much, to avoid redness. Repeat two to three times. A delicate, repeated massage stimulates the circulation and helps the cream penetrate. Avoid the eye contours, which are more sensitive and fragile, and which will need a tailored eye product.

Finish the application by concentrating on the infamous T-zone. The forehead, nose and chin have a habit of becoming greasy quickly so, while they need moisturizing, don't overdo it. The cream that remains on your fingertips should be sufficient.

An specific routine is essential when it comes to applying your day cream. Massage and hydration are indispensable for a radiant complexion, throughout your busy professional life.

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