Helena Rubinstein’s travel diaries

The New York Post stated in 1939: "Travel is Mrs Rubinstein's middle name". For pleasure or in the search of inspiration, Helena Rubinstein never stopped travelling the world. China, Israel, Russia: there is nowhere that the woman who invented cosmetics didn't know. Each one of her trips allowed her to discover women's beauty techniques and inspired her in the development of her products.


Helena Rubinstein said it towards the end of her life: the journeys around the world kept her alive. Faced with the numerous obstacles that she had to overcome, these trips offered her breathing space and were a source of discovery and new encounters. Incidentally, it was only on the boat she would take to cross the Atlantic, that she allowed herself some rest.


On each of her voyages, Helena Rubinstein returned with recipes that she used to develop new products. Every woman she met on these journeys was asked about her beauty methods. In her desire to always be innovative, Mrs Rubinstein would bring back textures, scents and sights from her trips to always be able to go further with her new creations.

At the end of her life, Helena Rubinstein was still looking for new discoveries and would travel twice a year to Europe. She would attend fashion shows where she was always guaranteed front row seats, and from where the sensitive nature of the materials and colors can be found in the design of her products. An article in the American version of Cosmopolitan in 1959 stated: "At an age where most women are rocking in their chairs, Mrs Rubinstein travels by plane or car to advise the directors of new factories", all of which were scattered around the world.

A thirst for discovery and travel that only grew stronger during a life that would last 94 years.

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