Helena Rubinstein: the passionate jewel collector

Helena Rubinstein's style choices were meant to set her apart from anyone else of her era. Not only was she a pioneer of the beauty industry, but she was also at the forefront of fashion and jewelry. Her style, consisting mostly of designer garments and stunning jeweled pieces, made her instantly recognizable. In 1941, her jewelry collection was worth one million dollars, making her one of the most important collectors in the world.

The influence of Indian princesses

It was at the start of the 20th century that Madame's passion for jewelry first developed. At the time, she showed little interest in the pearls and encrusted diamonds worn by high society, and was instead influenced by the style of the Indian princesses among her clientele. Who preferred preferred to wear their colored jewels in bulk. All through her life, Helena Rubinstein would be attracted to bright colors and large cabochons. She loved to wear several strings of pearls with standout pieces, to provide contrast with her outfits. As she wrote in a letter "Liking simple, often severe clothes, I feel they need the contrast of large, colorful pieces"

Daring choices

The visionary creator deliberately chose pieces that would draw attention to her face and hands. This wasn't by chance: they are the two parts of the body that benefit from Helena Rubinstein skincare knowledge . Spectacular earrings, bold necklaces, cuffs and XXL rings were among her favorites. Each piece made up part of her signature style, and she was rarely seen without them.

An expert eye

Demanding and passionate, Madame would buy from Cartier, Boivin, Verdura and Schlumberger, without ever prioritizing a big name over a smaller, lesser-known creator. Fascinated by originality, she bought everything she wanted: from Russian crowns to one dollar gadgets.

An entrepreneurial fashionista, Madame took all types of jewelry into consideration. Among her favorite pieces were ruby and emerald cabochons, as well as black and white baroque pearls. She had so many jewels that they could easily match any outfit, whoever the designer. Helena Rubinstein's jewelry became her trademark.

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