Helena Rubinstein: the automatic mascara revolution

In post-war Paris, Helena Rubinstein's company was number one in Europe. She hired young chemists to create innovative skincare and beauty products, inspired by Madame's observations. The one that would revolutionize women's daily lives was the automatic mascara, released in1958.

The history of the automatic mascara

Called Mascara-Matic, it marked a turning point in the makeup industry. Since the start of the 20th century, women had had to use a compact 'cake' mascara, dampen it, then scrape a brush across the product before applying it to the lashes. No more. The Helena Rubinstein Laboratories created a liquid formula integrated into a small tube. This invention represented a considerable time-saver for the modern woman!

Innovative special features

Right from its very first year of commercialization, Mascara-Matic sold almost three million units. Women everywhere were won over by the design, which marked the end of lumps caused by over-burdened lashes. In its gilded steel tube, mascara became an accessory to carry around in a purse. Madame's competitors dreamed of creating a similar product but, a few years later, the entrepreneur surprised them all again with Long Lash, containing a different formula. Rich in nylon particles, it lengthened and separated the lashes. Helena Rubinstein was officially the queen of mascara.

A must-have everyday tool for women, Helena Rubinstein's mascara continued to be perfected thanks to her perpetual quest for innovation. It was a true revolution for every woman in search of beauty.

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