Helena Rubinstein's three most avant-garde inventions

Automatic mascara

Launched in 1958, automatic mascara represented a turning point in the world of makeup. The days when women had to moisten a "cake" of mascara, then rub a brush across it before applying the formula to their lashes, were over! From then on, the formula was fluid and integrated into a small tube for easy application.

Mascara-Matic sold nearly three million units in the first year, and every single one of Madame's competitors tried to copy her technique. In response, Helena Rubinstein developed Long Lash , a formula enriched with nylon particles, simultaneously lengthening and separating the lashes.

Valaze cream

At the age of twenty, having just arrived in Australia, the daring Helena Rubinstein was hired by an apothecary, 300 kilometers outside Melbourne. At the back of the shop, she prepared the ointments that would make her famous. Australian women suffered from sunburn, and they lusted after Madame's translucent skin quality. Helena Rubinstein decided to sell her miracle cream, Valaze.

The cream was formulated with the help of her family, the Lykusky brothers, who were both chemists. Rapidly, 15,000 orders came in, and Helena Rubinstein - alone - prepared the formula, inserted it into pots, and applied the stickers. This success enabled her to open her first Valaze boutique, including beauty salons and a treatment room.

Recognizing the esthetician profession

While the visionary creator did not invent the profession of estheticians, she was the first to give it value, a structure, and recognition to those who wanted to work as one. She founded a beauty school in New York where instruction was specialized and professional training carefully configured.

This diploma was the opportunity for young women to find a stable job: apprenticeships were guaranteed by an official certificate entitling them with a recognized status. It was a real step forward!

Helena Rubinstein continued tirelessly to improve women's lives. All the way through her innovative lifetime, she gave them the opportunity to improve themselves through revolutionary modern products and ideas.

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