Helena Rubinstein's most beautiful outfits from the 20s and 30s

Designer gowns, flawless hair and make-up and breath-taking jewelry. These are a few of the iconic elements that define Helena Rubinstein's style throughout her life. When it came to fashion, Madame's tastes were very simple; she wanted nothing but the best. Discover some of the most beautiful outfits from the golden age that belonged to this revolutionary entrepreneur.

A unique sense of style

From the 20s onwards, Helena Rubinstein liked to consider herself a trend setter. Whereas women of this era preferred a more conventional and classic look, she opted for a more individual style. She never tired of telling anyone she met that a 'striking and exciting wardrobe' was 'essential for women interested in fashion and beauty'. Helena Rubinstein ran her business with strong determination whilst building an image of a glamourous entrepreneur. She understood from very early on the importance of image and mastered the art of communication, acting as the face of her own brand.

A pioneer in fashion

Widely considered as 'the woman who invented beauty', according to Michèle Fitoussi and her biography dedicated to Helena Rubinstein, Madame was also at the cutting edge of fashion. During the 20s, Doucet, Poiret and Paquin were amongst her favorite designers. She loved their relaxed designs, free of corsets, which featured innovative patterns and prints. Schiaparelli was another of her much-loved couturiers. Her daring saris were quickly snapped up by the stylish businesswoman. She viewed fashion as a work of art and fell in love with Gabrielle Chanel's famous creations. During the 30s, the French-born designer made suits fashionable for women, and Helena was rarely spotted wearing anything else. These suits represented the working woman in a new century. For Madame, there was no better outfit for one of the era's few female entrepreneurs.

Art and fashion were two of Helena's greatest passions. In each of these domains, her eye for all things modern and upcoming enabled her to always select the perfect outfit. Throughout her life, Helena Rubinstein was always immaculately dressed, leaving behind a lasting image of her legacy.

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