Helena Rubinstein : Prodigious Cosmetic Procedures

Since 1902, the Helena Rubinstein brand has drawn its inspiration from the forefronts of cosmetic innovation and research in order to push back the frontiers of beauty.

Helena Rubinstein harnesses the power of science through the most powerful active ingredients from both aesthetic and dermatological medicine in order to create unparalleled skincare. The brand believes that women deserve the best in terms of efficacy as well as the sensation of luxury. This is why the industry's frontiers are constantly being pushed back.

Helena Rubinstein has been a partner of the Laclinic-Montreux, the beauty clinic founded by Dr. Pfulg, since 2008, offering exceptional cosmetic procedures to women. Because all skin is unique and should be treated as such, the skincare products created by Helena Rubinstein are highly effective and create an intense sensory experience. Thanks to this partnership, private consultations and personalized programs have been established, providing the key to exceptional cosmetic procedures.

Helena Rubinstein has been revealing women's true beauty for 112 years. Free from constraints, these women exude a timeless allure. In order to give women the power of their own beauty, makeup acts as a "sculptor of youth", through the help of lights, shadows and contrasts.

Helena Rubinstein: an avant-garde approach driving the brand since 1902.

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