Helena Rubinstein & her laboratories

Helena Rubinstein made it her mission to create beauty products that answered her client's needs. By listening to their skin problems, she developed intelligent products in what she liked to call her 'kitchens'.

Extraordinary training

It was down under in Australia that Helena Rubinstein learned her trade and discovered what made skincare products so effective. Inspired to help women all around the world look beautiful and feel confident, she taught herself how to recreate a cream her mother had sent her from Poland. Once she had recreated the 'magic formula' at a pharmacy in Sanford, she started experimenting with its ingredients and creating her own unique formulas. She became her own guinea pig and tested each of her creams on her own face at night before going to bed. Almost overnight, the beauty pioneer started selling her small pots of luxury at markets and local pharmacies. They were a roaring success and quickly became popular with women everywhere.

Behind the scenes of her creative kitchen

Helena Rubinstein's success was immediate when she opened the doors of her first ever salon in Melbourne. She was fully booked with clients and every morning prepared her skincare formulas in her 'kitchen'. In 1932, more than 30 years after the opening of her first salon, she famously stated 'there is no greater happiness than when I'm working in my kitchen'. Her success never went to her head, and she worked endlessly in her kitchen creating new formulas, which eventually went on to become large-scale factories.

Science and beauty combined

In order to expand her knowledge and further develop her expertise, Helena Rubinstein set off for Europe. In Paris, she learnt the basic principles and workings of dermatology. Thanks to her training, she recognized the potential behind products designed for different skin types. She became an expert on skin tissue regeneration, firming of the skin and delaying the appearance of wrinkles.

During her travels, she discovered and developed new ideas and concepts to improve the effectiveness of each of her products. Her future clients would benefit greatly from the vast amount of research and testing carried out by herself in her laboratories.

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