Greta Garbo's dark lipstick: an iconic look

Swedish actress Greta Garbo, also known as "The Divine", was one of the first actresses to appear in "talkies" after years of silent motion pictures. Her deep and sensual voice made her a source of inspiration and catapulted her to fame in 1930, rendering her one of Hollywood's leading actresses. Greta's signature make-up look featured lipstick which, at the time, was applied in such a way to emphasize emotion on-screen.

The 1930s and the evolution of make-up

During the thirties, make-up trends – influenced by Hollywood stars – shifted toward a more natural look. Only the mouth was accentuated in order to highlight the radiance and beauty of a woman's face. The center of the bottom lip appeared sculpted and the top lip was almost separated in two, with each side of the lip creating a geometric arch and the Cupid's bow meeting in a point. This highly defined style looks particularly good on thinner lips.

Try thirties-style make-up

Thirties-style make-up should be all about subtlety and discretion. Only the dark lip really stands out. Start by applying your foundation of choice. In order to follow the thirties trend, opt for a powder foundation, which is more appropriate for the era. When applied using a sponge, the Prodigy Compact Foundation flawlessly evens out your complexion. Next, outline your lips using a lip pencil, and finish with a dark lipstick. The color should contain shades of brown, crimson or magenta. Numbers 007 and 010 from the Wanted Rouge collection would be ideal for a contoured lip thanks to their deep, rich hues.

Made famous during the 1930s and the end of silent movies, the deep lip color trend can be worn in a contemporary manner. The look encapsulates femininity, making it ideal for a marriage or garden party. For the daytime, a nude make-up look would be more suitable: after carefully lining your lips, opt for shades 303, 304 or 305 from the Wanted Rouge collection.

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