Glamorous makeup for a New Year's Eve party

2015 is nearly upon us, and with it brings the famous New Year's Eve party... where you'll want to ring in the next year with a beautiful makeup look, of course. Read this interview with our makeup artist Stéphanie Peirello-Hervé where she reveals her top tips for starting the New Year in truly glamorous style!

What's your best makeup advice for the party season?

Stéphanie Peirello-Hervé: "Show off your eyes! Emphasize them with an elongated charcoal makeup look created using a black kohl pencil. Just as you would with a smoky eye, use the eye crayon to outline the upper and lower contours, starting from the center and tracing outwards.

"Trace the contour of your upper lash line, stopping before you meet the crease of the eyelid. Be careful: avoid creating a 'comma' shape at the end, which drags the eye down and makes it look rounder. Finish by gently blending with your fingertip, without smudging the color too far."

Can we skip the eyeshadow in this makeup look?

Stéphanie Peirello-Hervé: "Not really... if you only use the crayon, the black will be very harsh, and the contrast between the skin and an intense makeup would be too much, especially for older women.

For the charcoal effect, after the crayon I use the Wanted Duo 58 . I apply the darkest shard over the crayon, tracing the line over the eyelid, without going over the edge. Next, I take the purple palette and I repeat the previous step with the violet shade, except I trace just above the previous line. A little tip: if you have heavy or drooping eyelids, apply a small amount of eyeshadow on the upper arch of your eye, and blend from the outwards in. Lastly, add a touch of light color on the inner corner of your eyelid."

And what about the rest of the makeup?

Stéphanie Peirello-Hervé: "When you choose an intense eye makeup look, it's better to play down the rest of the makeup. You should go for a flawless, natural-looking matte complexion, and contrast it with a subtle glossy lip."

And voilà! A perfect beauty look for celebrating the New Year in style.

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