Gently removing eye makeup

The skin surrounding our eyes is four times thinner than the rest of our facial skin and is therefore very delicate. To keep your eye contour looking healthy and young, it's essential to always remove makeup and cleanse day and night.

Removing eye makeup

The eyes really are the window to the soul and your general health. Tiredness, fatigue and the first signs of ageing can often be accentuated if you don't remove your makeup thoroughly each night. Take time each morning and night to remove all traces of any remaining mascara, kohl pencil or eye shadow. Opt for a makeup remover that is gentle on the eye contour to preserve the delicate skin around this area.

All Mascaras! eye makeup remover

Designed specifically for the delicate eye contour area, All Mascaras! eye makeup remover gently wipes away all traces of makeup, even waterproof formulas. Its dual oil and aqueous based blend is combined with a mild, deep-cleansing formula. This exclusive Helena Rubinstein formula has a silky, fresh texture that nourishes the eye area, without leaving any greasy residue.

Apply mornings and evenings using a cotton pad, remembering to shake well to mix the dual-phase formula. Repeat until your cotton piece is completely clean and free from any dirt and residue.

Gently remove your makeup to preserve and care for the delicate skin around the eye. Day after day, skin is cared for, hydrated and appears radiant.

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