Exhibition in China: "Helena Rubinstein, a woman to change the world"

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the brand's presence in China, an exhibition on Helena Rubinstein was held in Shanghai. From March 2 - 8, fans of the brand were able to rediscover the exceptional life of its founder. Called "I am a woman to change the world", the exhibition retraces the key stages in the construction of Madame's beauty empire, her passion for female emancipation and the values which are still at the heart of the Helena Rubinstein brand.

Divided into four spaces, the exhibition brings the spirit of the brand and Madame's unique legacy to the forefront.

1. "My revolution power beauty journey"

Entrepreneur, philanthropist and Russian princess, Helena Rubinstein was an exceptional pioneer. In the first section of the exhibition, we are presented with timeless treasures such as the Long Lash Mascara, the first mascara in a tube, invented by Madame. An intuitive creator, she consecrated her life to the elaboration of groundbreaking skincare and makeup products.

2. "I believe in the unstoppable progress of science"

Helena Rubinstein was so avant-garde that it became her signature. Her incredible capacity to innovate time and again put her on the front line of the beauty industry. In 2015, we feel her ever-present spirit at the heart of the brand, shown in its collaboration with the famous LaClinic-Montreux since 2008. Together, the Helena Rubinstein brand and LaClinic develop "cosmetic inventions": skincare formulated to perform far beyond existing classic cosmetics.

3. "Experience my beauty secret"

This section is focussed on the philosophy of luxury and the efficacy of the brand's products. Here, an exclusive conference was held on Madame's famous phrase: "There are no ugly women, only lazy ones." Through this statement, Helena Rubinstein sought to show that beauty needs to be worked on, but is attainable for everyone. Women are all equal!

4. "I am a woman, I am me"

The exhibition finishes on the unique and fascinating character of Helena Rubinstein. Her audacity and determination made her an icon of the 20th century. She was the only woman who knew how to connect business with the creation of contemporary beauty. Madame created a visionary brand: "I have spent every minute of my life defending my ideal: to build a fortress against time."

The exhibition "I am a woman to change the world" was not only the perfect occasion to delve into the exceptional life of the entrepreneur, but also the opportunity to discover (or rediscover) the biography "Helena Rubinstein, la femme qui inventa la beauté" (Helena Rubinstein, the woman who invented beauty) by Michèle Fitoussi. The Chinese edition was published earlier this year.

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