Escape to the mountains: 3 skincare items to bring to the slopes

In the mountains, the sun and cold weather are even more harmful to your skin than usual. To enjoy the clean air and snowy slopes without sunburn or irritation, pack practical travel skincare products!

Sunscreen to protect your skin

When in the mountains, UV rays and the intensity of ultra-violet light are stronger, not to mention the reflective properties of snow. Because of the wind, the skin doesn't always feel the effects, and it's easy to think of sunscreen as a waste of time. However, even in overcast weather, protection is essential. Protect yourself from UVA/UVB rays with the Premium UV spf 50 cream . It preserves your epidermis from the apparition of lines and pigment blemishes from the sun. Re-apply every two hours, focusing on the nose and ears - the parts of the body most exposed.

A balm to nourish lips

When faced with low temperatures, lips can become sensitive and cracked. To repair chapped lips and soothe discomfort around the contours, always keep a lip balm to hand. Thanks to its reparative, hydrating and nourishing qualities, you'll notice immediate relief. To remove dead skin cells and encourage absorption of the balm, exfoliate your lips once or twice a week with a soft scrub or sugar grains.

Hydrating hand cream

The cold and wind can weaken the epidermis' protective barrier. Thin and delicate, the skin on your hands is the first to suffer the consequences: dryness, redness and cracks. Moisturize your hands from morning to evening with a rich and nourishing cream. Opt for products based on Shea butter or vegetable oil, which are able to repair even the most damaged of hands.

Nourished to the max, your skin will retain all its beauty, even in winter. For suppleness, youth and softness!

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