Detox water: 3 recipes to beautify your skin

Thirst-quenching and low in calories, this drink that first found fame in the US is full of vitamins. Here are our recipes for purifying your body, hydrating your epidermis and bringing radiance to your skin.

Easy to make, detox water is made by infusing your chosen fruits and vegetables in water. Add a few ice cubes for a more refreshing effect. Opt for a Mason jar: a hermetically-sealed glass container, and conserve your water for 24 hours in the refrigerator. More than this, and the vitamins will be lost.

Cucumber, lemon and mint detox water: for fresh-looking skin

Cut two lemons and a cucumber into slices without peeling (it's the skin that contains the anti-oxidant properties). Then, take a sprig of mint - around 20 leaves roughly - and submerge everything in cold water. The recipe will help with refreshing your skin, cleansing your body and improving digestion.

Blackberry and orange detox water: anti-ageing

For this recipe, combine orange slices with 10 ripe blackberries, or more if you like. Rich in vitamin c, this tangy mix helps with the formation of collagen, slows cells' ageing and limits the development of premature wrinkles. It's an anti-ageing elixir which is perfect for combining with your Hydra Collagenist day cream .

Strawberry and blueberry detox water: your weapon against free radicals

Make the most of the healthy properties in red fruits. Add five juicy strawberries and a few blueberries to your water. This antioxidant concentrate protects your skin from free radicals, which are responsible for cutaneous ageing. It also preserves your skin's tonicity.

Packed with vitamins, fibers and minerals, these healthy drinks help regenerate your epidermis and help it stay radiant. Sip to your heart's content!

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