Create a smoky eye with our makeup artist

A smoky eye is ideal for an evening look, regardless of your eye color. Because your eyes are one of your most beautiful attributes, emphasize them with a sophisticated look that's perfect for the end-of-year party season. Stéphanie Peirello-Hervé, Helena Rubinstein's expert makeup artist, shares her advice.

To create a smoky eye, you only need three products. First, choose what shade of crayon you want to use. Typical colors are black and brown, or grey if you prefer a softer look. Apply your crayon as a base and blend it outwards, then fix and intensify the color with an eyeshadow.

Finish your beauty look with a volumizing mascara such as Lash Queen Mystic Blacks

Most important of all: make sure to blend any lines and, remember, a smoky eye is not necessarily black and intense, it can also be soft and delicate.

Once you have finished your eye makeup, focus on your complexion. For a perfect beauty look, keep your skin natural-looking in order to keep the eyes as the focal point.

Follow the tips by Stéphanie Peirello-Hervé to learn the rules on how to achieve a stunning smoky eye.

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