Complexion: Should I change my foundation for fall?

In summer, foundation is mostly applied in a subtle way: light and fluid, or even nonexistent for those with a post-vacation tan! But when autumn comes around, what sort of foundation should you be wearing? Stéphanie Peirello-Hervé, expert makeup consultant for Helena Rubinstein, has some words of advice...

Subtle transitioning

In summer, your sun-kissed skin is usually enough to give you a perfect complexion. All you need is a little anti-wrinkle eye cream to cover fine lines. Those who do choose to wear foundation opt for fluid and light coverage. In winter, it's the opposite. When between-seasons, once your tan has faded, your best option is to go for a slightly richer texture for more coverage. So, in autumn, if you're having difficulty finding your ideal foundation, mix two shades (one slightly darker than your skin tone, one slightly lighter.) It is sometimes easier to find the perfect shade by mixing your own foundation.

When choosing the color of your foundation, apply a small amount onto the back of your hand. As the skin here is often exposed to the sun, it is the color that closest matches your complexion.

Choosing your foundation

The rejuvenating Prodigy Powercell foundation is ideal for transitioning into autumn. It recreates the feeling of bare skin with perfect yet imperceptible coverage. Thanks to its method of application, only a few drops are necessary for precise and effective coverage. As a complement to your foundation, you can also use the Magic Conceale r to mask dark circles for refreshed and youthful-looking eyes.

Just because it's autumn doesn't necessarily mean that you need to apply a full-coverage foundation as you would in winter. For the next few months, opt rather for light and fluid textures in order to make the most of your summer glow.

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