Complexion perfection: 3 tricks to combat shine

To mattify your epidermis in just a few seconds, add these shine-combating techniques to your daily skincare routine. Three top tips for a radiant, blemish-free complexion!

1. Gentle makeup remover

The first step in your morning routine, and the last in the evening, makeup removal clears away the excess sebum responsible for shine from your epidermis. Oily skin types should avoid milk-based formulae, and opt rather for micellar water solutions, which don't leave a greasy texture on your skin, such as the Pure Ritual Care-In-Lotion .

2. Tailored skincare

Don't avoid moisturizing, even on oily skin! For the perfect result, choose a cream without any fatty substances, and with mattifying properties. Right from your morning preparation, the shiny parts of your face are hidden. Say goodbye to blemishes and any other imperfections your skin might threaten you with.

3. Makeup touch-ups

Finish your makeup by applying loose powder to your face. After your foundation, or on bare skin, this trick soaks up excess sebum. The medial zone (forehead, nose, chin) is the most affected by shine problems, so it requires special attention. When it comes to touch-ups during the day, don't forget to bring a paper tissue for dabbing over your face to remove the serum before applying powder.

Shiny skin is not the end of the world. Follow our tips for a matte complexion, whatever the time of day.

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