Chapter 11: A family affair

Throughout her successful career, Helena Rubinstein surrounded herself with members of her family. While her sons didn't want to take over the company, her niece Mala was full of admiration for her aunt. She even revealed "She was my heroine". It was therefore with joy that, once her studies were over, she followed the entrepreneur to work in Paris.

Taking over

Proud of her young niece's beauty and intelligence, Helena spent a lot of time teaching her the ropes. Mala was blown away by her aunt's life. In the 1930s she decided to move to the French capital definitively. The young woman became an apprentice in dermatology, massage and facial treatments. Once she became an expert in the field, she went work at the Faubourg Saint-Honoré salon. The pioneer repeatedly reminded Mala what had made her successful: "There is just one magic word, between you and me: listen."

A family business, worldwide success

In very little time, Mala became the director of the Paris salon. Perfectly educated, the young woman enjoyed swimming, tennis and sculpture after work. She rapidly made friends, who helped her discover the intellectual world of Paris, and she was an avid visitor of the capital's museums and galleries. In January 1934, she was sent to the States to introduce women to the vast array of beauty options offered by Helena Rubinstein. After two long years proving herself, she became the director of the new salon in New York . Madame was extremely happy with her student, who was as much of a perfectionist as she was. The two women had an close relationship, the kind that she had never been able to share with her sons.

Mala was her true successor, and would take over after her aunt's death. Despite the few compliments and recognition that Helena Rubinstein gave her niece, she knew her business would be into the right hands.

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