Busy mornings: three beauty tips for businesswomen

From the moment you wake up, do you immediately feel time pressure? Having thrown on your work outfit, quickly breeze through your beauty routine using some key products, designed to wake up your eyes and give you a glowing complexion in record time.

Smooth the skin around the eye with a patch

Whether it's due to an all-nighter or a very short night, a lack of sleep can be unforgiving to your face. Luckily, the Power Eye Urgency patches act immediately to combat signs of tiredness including shadows, bags and lines. The result is a smooth, tightened and more radiant eye zone. Tired? You? Never!

Hydrate and even out your skin with a BB cream

With time flying by, it is sometimes helpful to skip out a part of your beauty routine. Forget the day cream and your foundation, and use a BB cream instead. Not only does this 2-in1 product hydrate and soothe the epidermis, but it camouflages redness and uneven skin tones.

Cover imperfections with a corrector-pen

The ultimate beauty weapon, a corrector pen perfects your complexion. It brightens dark areas, such as under the arches of the eyes, the naso-labial folds and under-eye shadows, without suffocating the epidermis. Its discreet size means you can slip it into your purse for between-meeting touch-ups!

If you still have a few seconds left, apply a light layer of Color Clone Pressed Powder using a kabuki brush to fix your makeup in place, mattify the t-zone and give your skin a velvety finish.

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