Business class: beauty care whilst flying

You're about to take off and are looking forward to relaxing on the other side of the world during your magical getaway. Your suitcase is packed and seatbelt is fastened. All you need to do now is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Beauty care up in the air

Jet lag isn't the only thing that creates dark under-eye circles. The altitude at which planes fly also has an impact on your skin. If you leave your skin to its own devices, features can appear strained and skin becomes easily dehydrated.

As soon as you board the plane, ask for a bottle of mineral water. You need to drink water regularly to stay hydrated and avoid getting cramps. Sync your watch to the time zone of your destination to allow your brain to adjust to the time difference quicker. Make sure you eat and sleep at the right time, to minimize the effects of jet lag.

It's a fact that the air inside the cabin of an aeroplane is dryer and contains less moisture than the air on the ground. If you wear contact lenses, you may want to wear your glasses on the plane, or use eye drops regularly in-flight to keep your eyes well lubricated. As for your skin, you will need to apply a couple of hydrating products to keep your face looking and feeling fresh.

Keeping skin hydrated

Before flying, prepare the products you will want to use up in the air. It's illegal to take more than 100ml of liquid products on board due to security reasons, so don't get caught out at airport security with anything bigger than this as it will be confiscated. Take a travel sized formula or decant your product into a clear 100ml container.

Before take-off, apply your day cream as usual. Rich, nourishing creams are the best option in-flight. Re-Plasty Age Recovery Day protects the skin, whilst fighting against signs of ageing and dryness. Tight skin caused by flying is instantly soothed and calmed. Skin appears younger, even after a long 10 hour flight.

Re-Plasty Age Recovery Days ' rich and creamy texture acts as a bandage for the skin. Comforted and soothed, your face is well prepared for your relaxing getaway abroad.

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