Beauty Detox: what face mask should I use?

Your skin needs a good dose of active ingredients! Face masks are our best bets when it comes to nourishment or combating signs of aging. Three masks, three different needs. It's up to you to choose which one is your perfect fit!

The Powercell mask: for use against cellular burnout

Busy lives can leave their marks on our complexions. Tiredness, stress and pollution wear out the regenerative mechanisms of the epidermis. To counter such effects, use the Powercell mask.

Twice as concentrated in vegetal stem cells as the serum, this mask offers an instant boost of energy and younger-looking skin. Apply the mask to a perfectly cleansed face and leave it on for ten minutes. Massage in any excess cream to enable it to penetrate into the skin. Your complexion will be instantly brighter, pores tightened, and your epidermis will be both smoother and more hydrated - for skin that looks well-rested.

The Hydra Collagenist mask: for intense hydration

For long-lasting hydration, the Hydra Collagenist mask 'injects' water into the core of the epidermis, for visibly fresher-looking skin.

The Helena Rubinstein Laboratories have been collagen experts for over ten years, and have developed this mask that embeds water into the skin's collagen matrix. From the very first application, the epidermis is intensely hydrated and comfortable, with reinforced elasticity and radiance. Apply the mask in thick layers and leave on for ten minutes. Remove any surplus cream with a wet cotton pad. This rich and creamy mask leaves the skin enveloped in a moisturizing and comforting veil.

The Re-Plasty High Definition Peel: for visibly younger-looking skin

The first skincare product to replicate the technology of a skin peeling treatment, the Re-Plasty High Definition Peel mask is enriched with anti-aging ingredients which correct and protect the epidermis long-term.

The mask is applied to the face in a thick layer, avoiding the contours of the eyes. Leave on for five minutes then rinse with water. The next morning, skin is immediately softer and brighter, and the results are even more significant one month later. Wrinkles and lines are reduced, and rough patches and irregularities are smoothed. Peeling, correction and protection: three effects in one for glowing skin.

Once or twice a week, pamper your complexion with the help of Helena Rubinstein's facial masks - true wonder-cosmetics.

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