BB cream, CC cream, foundation... What's the difference?

You have a wide choice when it comes to perfecting your complexion. Nowadays, you can choose between BB cream, CC cream or foundation for flawless-looking skin. Find out more about the characteristics of each - so that you can make the right beauty choice.

BB cream

"BB" stands for "Blemish Balm". Designed to correct skin which has a tendency to redden, it also evens out your skin tone. Even though BB cream is considered a makeup product, each version has hydrating qualities that help give you a uniform complexion. Called a 5-in-1 cream, its pigments adapt to your skin type and color.

When should you use it? BB cream has a light texture, and can be used as an alternative to foundation which can sometimes be too heavy for your skin.

CC cream

"CC" is short for "Color Control", and perfectly describes this cream's ability to treat pigmentation problems. An improved version of BB cream, CC cream hides imperfections - thanks to its inbuilt foundation - as well as treating them. There are several different types: anti-redness, anti-blemish and anti-imperfections. CC cream is far more than just a makeup base, it's a hybrid skin tone perfector and restorer.

When should you use it? For your complexion. Where BB cream hides, CC cream repairs.


Choose your foundation carefully for flawless-looking skin. Foundation allows for precise makeup coverage while covering all imperfections, although its application requires more time than BB and CC creams. Whether it be in liquid or compact form, the most important thing is to avoid the "mask" effect. Find a tone-on-tone color, but never choose one that is darker than your natural shade, which will do the opposite of giving you a healthy-looking complexion. Instead, a foundation which is too dark will accentuate signs of aging such as cracked skin, wrinkles or dark under-eye circles.

When should you use it? A heavier-coverage option, foundation can be used after identifying your needs and with careful application.

The Helena Rubinstein brand has applied its skincare expertise to the complexion, and offers a range of foundations that correspond to every epidermis and its needs. The Color Clone foundation gives you a perfectly smooth texture thanks to a formula that borders on skincare. The Prodigy Compact Foundation gives a glow to complexions and soothes skin needing rejuvenation.

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