Skin Ageing

Dr. Jean-Marc Lemaitre looks back on cellular senescence, the phenomenon discovered in the 60s whereby new skin cells are no longer produced by the body. The most common aspect of senescence is ageing of the skin. Although part of the ageing process is innate and in coded into our DNA, another cause is heavily linked to environmental factors.

Ageing of the skin can be brought on prematurely by a number of different factors that can be stressful or ‘irritating’ towards our skin. UV exposure, pollution and smoking all play a role in damaging the cells within our skin, causing it to start the ageing process prematurely. In other words, these cells are no longer able to reproduce in the same way they once did when we were young, and stop functioning like regular cells, which affects our skin tissue.

Today, researchers have discovered that many signs of ageing are caused by these external skin irritants, which means they can be prevented and possibly even reversed! 


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