Age spots: how to make them disappear

Exposure to the sun, pregnancy, and the passing years can all result in the appearance of small unsightly brown spots on your skin. Want to get rid of them? It's now possible, thanks to Re-Plasty Laserist Concentrate Serum .

Re-Plasty Laserist skincare was designed to replicate the effects of a laser session. A unique combination of depigmenting molecules targets the three signs of chromatic aging: age spots, redness, and surface irregularities.

Within just a few days of use, your age spots and redness have disappeared and your skin is even and unified. For the impatient among you, use Re-Plasty Laserist Spot Corrector Serum to see immediate results. The treatment is applied topically to the areas of imperfection on your face, neck, or even hands for optimum results.

The Re-Plasty Laserist range is ideal for erasing your age spots, but don't forget that the best solution is still to protect your skin from the sun. Each day, apply a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher, depending on the sun's intensity.

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