A winter cruise: focus on well-being

Helena Rubinstein particularly loved crossing the Atlantic, a journey during which she would take time out to focus on herself and relax. Just like the pioneer, make the most of a cruise to take some you-time.

Seawater benefits

A stroll down the pontoon will infuse you with the oligo-elements found in sea water. They provide energy for your body and recharge negative ions. Diffusing throughout your organism, they regenerate cells by eliminating toxins.

Ten minutes a day are all that's needed to take in these famous ions. The sea is also known to have soothing benefits on the human body, so take a daily break to enjoy the view from outside your boat!

Body well-being

From massages and relaxing in the pool to Turkish baths, cruises now offer tailored sessions to relax you to the max. Forget your daily professional routine and let yourself be guided by the expert hands of the staff onboard.

Start your day with a therapeutic massage. Using oil, seaweed or even stones, purify your skin and relax your spirit! Once settled, your masseuse and you will be able to decide on which method you prefer. On a cruise, everything is customized to ensure your satisfaction.

Skincare treatments are also offered on a cruise. From cleansing to anti-age, the staff is at your service to nourish your epidermis according to its needs, and eliminate the stress and pollution that it endures every day.

Lastly, water therapy is essential. Go to one of the ship's pools, where the quiet and fresh air will do you the world of good. Focus on eradicating toxins and savor this moment of pure relaxation.

In winter, a cruise vacation is ideal to experience all the benefits of the sea and seawater, but that's not all. Make the most of your time aboard to pamper yourself, and get back to work rested and energized!

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