A captivating look for Valentine’s Day

For Helena Rubinstein, it’s all about details. That’s a philosophy you should remember when it comes to your Valentine’s Day make-up. A romantic date can be the perfect opportunity to go for a captivating look. Take care of your eyes...


A captivating look is nothing without the right eye shadow. It will allow you to dress your look with subtlety thanks to the shades of colors. The Wanted Eyes Duo N°.57 and N°.40 eye shadows offer a mix of silver and darker tones to highlight your look to perfection. To give your look some depth, put the lightest blush on the inside corner of the eye and then, apply the most intense eye shadow to the root of the upper eyelashes and the exterior of the eye for a layered effect.


The depth of your look is revealed by a black eyeliner. One line is enough to highlight your eyes to make them fascinating. The black eyeliner Feline Blacks is ideal for this. Draw a subtle line close to the upper eyelash. The line should be traced from the outside to the inside all the while avoiding the corner of the eye. If you want a clearer effect, draw the line after you’ve put on your makeup. For a smokier makeup, or ‘smoky’ look, apply the eyeliner before your makeup.


A revolution from the Helena Rubinstein laboratories, Surrealist Everfresh mascara is the first mascara which does not dry out in its tube, so you can use it right down to the last drop. The final touch for your captivating Valentine’s Day look. Use the largest part of the brush to spread the product evenly over your eyelashes, even the smallest ones. Thanks to its corolla brush, your eyelashes will increase in volume and length for an irresistible look.

Dark and captivating, this eye makeup is just what you need for a hypnotizing look. On your lips, a touch of gloss will be enough for a contrast and to draw the attention to your eyes.

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