A beauty detox for after New year's Eve

The end-of-year party season is over, and it's time to refocus on yourself, having perhaps overindulged during the last few weeks! Here's a beauty routine to help you rediscover a radiant complexion for 2015.

Why detox?

Over Christmas and the New Year, it's easy to be seduced by all the delicious food and drink on offer, not to mention the long nights! The results: your complexion looks tired and your body is struggling to recover. Help your skin to get rid of these accumulated toxins by starting a tailored beauty routine. Once the parties are over, bring the glow back to your skin.

Start the New Year with a beauty routine

Give your epidermis a dose of energy after all those long days and nights. Periods of festivity tend to exhaust the skin's ability to regenerate, which in turn affects the youthfulness of your skin. Avoid cellular burnout by applying 3 drops of Powercell serum before applying your day cream.

Once you've applied the serum, soothe and protect your skin using the innovative Age Recovery Day cream from the Re-Plasty range. The cream melts into the skin for a fresh sensation that protects and fights against the signs of aging, restoring the cutaneous barrier for a more resilient epidermis. Your complexion is shielded from environmental elements and appears visibly younger.

Re-enforce the effect of your beauty routine by applying the Age Recovery Night cream on cleansed skin, avoiding the area around the eyes. Highly concentrated in Proxylane, it accelerates the regeneration of the skin. Wrinkles are immediately reduced and skin damage and imperfections are corrected. You skin looks brand new!

Once the holiday season is over, start 2015 with a detoxifying beauty routine - for a radiant complexion!

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