5 steps to beauty perfection: from skincare to makeup

When it comes to your everyday look, there are five key steps to follow. From skincare to makeup, preparation is key for an exceptional beauty look.

1. Deep Cleanse

The Pure Ritual range helps fight against impurities to reveal your skin's youthfulness. Inspired by the Japanese art of makeup removal, the deep cleansing cream mousse Care-In-Foam, leaves your epidermis smooth, purified and radiant. Envelop your skin in softness using the Care-In-Milk, an intensely comforting makeup remover. Cleansed and hydrated, your skin is resplendent. Next, purify your skin for 12 hours with the skin-perfecting Care-In-Lotion. Your features look visibly younger. Detoxify your skin without drying it out thanks to the glow renewal properties of double black peel in the Pure Ritual Care-In-Peel. Using the four products from the range, your cleansing ritual guarantees younger-looking skin.

2. Moisturize with the right skincare

It is essential to identify your skin type and what level of hydration it needs. All-around anti-aging? Anti-wrinkles? Anti-dark-spots? The type of epidermis you have defines which range of skincare you should be using. For everyday skincare, opt for the serum – cream – eye contour trio. When applied first, the serum brings freshness to your complexion, penetrating through the cutaneous barrier to get right to the heart of your skin cells. Secondly, apply a cream that is tailored to your skin type. Ideally, choose one from the same range as your serum for the best results. Finish by applying your eye contouring cream to fight the signs of fatigue brought on by our hectic lifestyles.

3. Emphasize your eyes

Start by tracing the contours of your eyes, which tend to lose their definition with age. Give them back their shape by outlining your eyes with the Feline Blacks eye pencil or the Spectacular Eyeliner along the lower lash lines. According to the shape of your eye, you can also trace along the upper lash lines. Stick to what styles you know and what suits you when it comes to eyeliner. Defined or blurred, it's your decision. Bring out the beauty of your eyes with some mascara from the Lash Queen range. Lash Queen Mystic Blacks accentuates your lash line and adds volume. Your eyes are perfectly emphasized, sparkling and captivating.

4. Perfect your complexion

Foundation isn't essential for perfect skin, sometimes an anti-wrinkle cream is enough. Apply the Magic Concealer around the eyes to erase tiredness and mask imperfections. If you only want to use an anti-wrinkle cream, apply it down the sides of your nose, over age spots and areas of redness. Fix and correct with some loose powder on the areas where you have applied the anti-wrinkle cream as well as the t-zone (forehead, nose, chin). For those of you who prefer to use foundation for a flawless complexion, choose it as you would a cream: according to your skin's individual needs.

5. Add the final touches

Lips and cheeks only need one makeup item: lipstick. Apply some color onto your fingertips and then lightly tap the product onto your lips and cheeks. Be careful not to use a long-lasting lipstick that doesn't go with your skin tone, or you may find yourself with an over-the-top makeup look that doesn't suit you.

A perfect beauty look needs to respect these five steps. From skincare to makeup, you shouldn't skip a single step – for a radiant look, everyday.

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