5 Instagram accounts for following a healthy diet

Healthy, fresh and balanced meals are a way of taking care of your body and your health, as well as your epidermis. To adopt a healthier lifestyle with plenty of vitamins, here are five Instagram accounts to follow.

Livingthehealthychoice: the most vegetarian-friendly

In a cozy ambiance, the photographer Pauline Bossdorf prepares vegetarian dishes accessible to anyone, such as light sandwiches, herb juices and delicious bean salads. For a sweet kick at the end, you'll be won over by her sugar-free dark chocolate and peanut butter cereal bars!


Minimalist baker: the most colorful

Dishes that can be made in less than 30 minutes with very few ingredients - this is what this Instagram account (run by a young couple originally from Portland) promises. You'll find easy recipes, using fruit, vegetables and grains, of which several are gluten- and lactose-free


Pheebsfood: the most creative

Phoebe Conway, a student in nutrition, uses local produce to bring out her sense of creativity, evident from her photographs. Flavors combine with each other, fruits mix with flowers, and spices are nearly always involved. Her favorite breakfast is a smoothie bowl, which has a myriad of varieties.


Julie's kitchen: the most artistic

With explosions of color in geometric, almost psychedelic layouts, Julie Lee adds a touch of fun to the presentation of fruit and vegetables. Even her bruschettas, embellished with thinly-cut cucumber, radishes and pansy petals, look like works of art! A must-follow, especially if you enjoy photography.


Utosh: the most design-focused

This Japanese artist shares photos of traditional and exotics dishes, from brunch to Sunday dinner, all carefully presented and almost always accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee. From homemade dishes to Tokyo's (the artist's home) top restaurants, this account is inspiring and mouth-watering!


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