3 self-massages to alleviate stress at the office

Meeting after meeting, annual assessments and numerous objectives to meet, stressful work situations are far from rare. Take a break. You only need a few minutes to give yourself a self-massage and release the tension!

Boost your energy at lunchtime

When stress rears its head, your stomach can quickly tie itself in knots, hence why it's useful to massage this zone to free tension and drive away fatigue. To do this, stand up (or lie down if you have a suitable break room) and place your thumbs on your plexus - under the chest, just above the sternum. Massage lightly in a clockwise direction, descending gradually towards the belly button. Repeat for around 20 minutes.

Free yourself from anxiety

Public speaking, a pay rise request or new responsibilities are all moments of uncertainty that can cause tension to your entire body. To get your emotions in check, just rub the point located under the two tendons of your wrist in an anti-clockwise direction until the negative thoughts subside.

Relieve tired eyes

From your computer, tablet and smartphone, you probably spend about 8 hours a day in front of a screen. Soothe any tingling sensations or resulting headaches by lightly pushing down on your eyes with your palms for around 10 seconds. Then extend this movement to the temples for two minutes. The result: your eyes and state of mind feel relaxed.

In order to reduce under-eye shadows, apply the Prodigy Eyes treatment before starting your self-massage.

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