3 places to get some sun during winter!

November is well and truly upon us and, as the temperature drops, our dreams of summer beaches increase! Why shouldn't we pack up our bags and go in search of sunshine? Discover three idyllic destinations, and you might even forget about winter creeping up on us...

Tangalla, Sri Lanka

Tangalla's stunning scenery makes it an exceptional destination. It might be icing over where you live, but over in Asia, on this stunning island, they have sunshine, turquoise waters, tropical flowers, and white sand stretching out as far as the eye can see. At night, it is not unusual to see turtles making their way up the beach to lay their eggs. Fauna, flora and homo sapiens share the island peacefully and tourism is still relatively undeveloped. It's the perfect recipe for a picture-postcard holiday!

Where to stay: Turtle Bay, Kalametiya, Tangalla for the quality service, refined cuisine and outstanding view over the turquoise sea.

Mombasa, Kenya

On the edge of the Indian Ocean, the banks of Mombasa are formed from coral and shell debris. The coral reef that surrounds Mombasa is also rich in marine life, forming hot water lagoons in a multitude of blues. In December, the temperature averages 90°F - more than enough to make you forget the snow falling back home! Snorkeling, long walks, relaxation: the only question you need to ask yourself is how you want to unwind...

Where to stay: At the Severin Sea Lodge, Bamburi Beach, Malindi Road, Bamburi, Mombasa. The luxurious and calming surroundings are ideal for a relaxing trip, far from winter's icy reach.

Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

This magnificent island is made up of 11 pristine beaches. Classed as a UNESCO reserve, it is perfectly preserved, making it an unforgettable destination. From November onwards, the intense heat in Cuba drops slightly, making the weather perfect for long days at the beach. You'll be sure to see the Cuban trogon, a species of bird found on the island that is recognizable for its Cuban flag or flamingo pink coloring. With it's calm crystal-clear waters, and gentle waves, Cayo Santa Maria is a real paradise on earth.

Where to stay: At the Royalton, Cayo Santa Maria. Calm, with exceptional service. Your dream holiday, just a few meters from the ocean.

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