3 make-up must-haves for a healthy glow

We all dream of looking fresh-faced with a healthy glow, especially during the post-vacation period. Fortunately, you won't need a time machine to get back to the sun, all you need are 3 make-up must-haves. Here's how to get a glowing complexion with minimal effort...

Powercell Mask

The minute you get back from vacation, your busy, hectic lifestyle restarts, and your complexion pays the price. The Powercell Mask is an intense hydration treatment which smoothes and calms your stressed skin. The power plants used in the Powercell skincare range boost cellular regeneration in the epidermis. Twice as concentrated as the serum, the mask gives your face an immediate dose of energy, leaving your complexion glowing, your skin tighter and your pores reduced for visibly younger-looking skin.

Premium UV

A colorless make-up base, Premium UV invisibly evens out the skin tone and protects against UV thanks to its SPF of 50. Your skin is protected against the appearance of fine lines and dark spots. Brighter, softer and younger-looking, your skin feels healthier and remains hydrated for 12 hours. Premium UV is an essential step in your post-vacation skincare routine.

Wanted Rouge

The bright shades of the Wanted Rouge range are the perfect complement to your skin tone. Ideally, you should choose a color that looks just as good on your lips as it does on your cheeks. The 003 shade emphasizes your lips while simultaneously bringing out the color of your cheeks. As well as its long-lasting effects, Wanted Rouge also has rejuvenating qualities thanks to its unique ingredients that enhance the natural contours of your lips and prevent drying out. Its soft and creamy texture is perfect for your skin, for ultimate comfort and a glowing complexion!

Don't forget, skincare is the fundamental element to your beauty routine: healthy looks starts with your skin.

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