3 lipstick tips to emphasize your tan

Anything goes when you're on vacation, especially if you have a beautiful tan! Here are some top tips from our makeup artist, Stéphanie Pereillo-Hervé, on how to pick the right makeup for a beautiful lip.

Unbeatable shine

The summer season is all about gloss! It's the perfect texture against your subtle golden glow, emphasizing your tan and giving you a healthy-looking glimmer. Forget matt finishes, which are difficult to wear in summer: opting for opaque shades in summer can often cause beauty slipups! Opt for a transparent or semi-transparent lip color.

Complementary shades

It's up to you whether you want to wear pastel shades or bright hues for your makeup du jour. However, certain colors really help to bring out a bronzed complexion. For example, brunette Caucasians can complement their tans, not only with dark reds and pinks, but also bright orange shades.

Brunettes with deeper or natural tans can wear the same colors as above, but can also add chocolate, brick and natural brown shades to their list. As for bronzed blondes, they can easily get away with brown, golden or copper colors - always in a glossy texture, of course.

For those who don't wear color, transparent gloss is your secret weapon.

Color trends

This summer, opt for on-trend shades from Helena Rubinstein's Wanted Rouge collection . Choose from red, raspberry and orange hues. The Intrigue (010) Possess (101), Subjugate (102) and Hypnotize (203) lipsticks are some ideal options.

Every summer, choose glossy finishes for your lipstick to emphasize your tan. During this season, keep the rest of the face natural-looking, with neutral tones, for a subtle beauty look.

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