3 beauty faux-pas to avoid this summer

As summer arrives, your skincare and make-up treatments must adapt to the seasonal change. Warmer temperatures, sun-exposure and bathing in the sea are all things you should contemplate when selecting make-up and cosmetics. Discover the 3 most common beauty faux-pas to avoid this summer.

Choosing a high-coverage foundation

When the sun is out, ditch any heavy-coverage foundations. With heat and sweat combined, thick make-up can start to clump and leave unsightly patches on your skin. Opt for a powder-foundation which is much more suited to warmer weather. When applied using a sponge, Prodigy Compact Foundation covers any imperfections and leaves skin with a flawless-looking complexion. You can vary how much you apply depending on your desired coverage.

Forgetting to protect lips

Sun is one of the major causes of dry lips. Prolonged periods spent in the sun without protection can lead to damaged and chapped lips. Lip glosses and lipsticks are not enough to protect this fragile area, and will only highlight the problem further. To deeply nourish lips, try Prodigy Extreme Eye and Lip . Instantly smoothed, lips are protected from the sun's drying effects and signs of premature ageing.

Failing to switch to waterproof mascara

Humid temperatures and frequent dips in the pool make waterproof mascara a must-have for summer. Lash Queen Waterproof Mascara elongates lashes, with a thickening action. Its long-lasting water resistant formula will keep you looking at your best all day long. Apply for an instant boost of radiance.

Heat, combined with summer water sports and swimming, mean that you need to adapt your beauty routine. Hydration, waterproof make-up and a lightweight foundation are essential. Follow these steps for worry-free days spent lounging on golden sands!

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