3 anti-ageing masks to slow cutaneous deterioration

Certain external factors, like fatigue, stress or an unbalanced diet can accelerate signs of ageing. To put the brakes on, and bring back the youthful quality to your skin, opt for a mask tailored to your skin type and needs. Here is our selection.

A mask to hydrate

Your skin is primarily made up of water. On its surface, the hydrolipidic film forms a protective barrier which protects it from dehydration. In direct contact with external aggressive factors, this can become damaged and leave your skin more vulnerable. The result: skin feels tight and the first fine lines appear. To hydrate it deeply, apply the Hydra Collagenist mask once to twice a week. Leave the treatment on for 10 minutes, then remove the excess with a damp cotton pad. Over the course of several applications, you skin will feel plumper and look younger.

A mask to refine the epidermis' texture

When the cutaneous texture shows signs of blemishes and rough patches, a skin peeling treatment can help remove the dead cells and protect against the effects of time. The Re-Plasty High Definition Peel softly exfoliates, smoothes the skin's texture and reduces fine lines. Apply the treatment in thick layers over the entire face, avoiding the contours of the eyes. Leave for five minutes and rinse with water. Your skin will look brand new immediately.

A mask to bring back radiance

Cutaneous ageing also affects your complexion, which reflects the light less well, giving it a gray and dull appearance. For instant brightening, opt for the Powercell mask , rich in active vegetal ingredients known for their ability to protect the epidermis from free radicals. Twice a week, apply the treatment to clean skin. Leave for ten minutes, then massage in any excess. A radiant complexion guaranteed!

For your everyday treatment, complement the effects of your mask with an anti-ageing day cream and drink 1.5 liters of water for an even more radiant complexion.

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