"Valaze": spotlight on the first, revolutionary skincare cream

"I wanted to show the world and my family what I could do." This is how Helena Rubinstein explained why she left for Australia. Once there, she offered to help an old apothecary make his pommades. Fascinated by the art of formulation, young Helena decided to launch her own skincare cream, called "Valaze".

"Valaze" the miracle cream

Helena Rubinstein left for Australia in 1892. In her bag were 12 pots of cream, given to her as a gift from her mother. This cream gave skin such a luminous glow that Australian women were quickly envious. The few months that she had spent at the apothecary had given the pioneer a taste for making skincare products. The Australians wanted some of this miracle cream? Helena would make it. With the help of the Lykusky brothers, two chemists and friends of the Rubinstein family, Helena Rubinstein created her flagship cream, whose formula remains secret.

A worldwide success

In 1902, one of the two brothers came over to help with fabrication. In the same year, the woman who would quickly become known as "Madame" opened the first Valaze beauty institute, where she sold her skincare products. In just a few months, the cream became known for its efficacy and 15,000 pots were ordered.

At the time, Helena Rubinstein did not use her own name to sell her products. She called her cream "Valaze" meaning "Gift from heaven" in Hungarian. Madame thought it "had a good ring to it". The first revolutionary cream from the brand was such a success that, in 1908, the young woman moved to London and turned the product into a complete range. Women could now use both a day and night cream for a radiant complexion. The company grew considerably, and Helena Rubinstein left for Paris in 1912 to open a new institute. The Valaze legend was born.

Shortly before her death, Helena Rubinstein found a piece of paper with Valaze's magic recipe, which had remained secret. All the ingredients were written, but without any measures. Very few, mostly natural, ingredients. A timeless formula!

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